Seat No3 - West, Mountain Cloud - December 2010

On the top of the mountain, I dug a circle overlooking
the bay and carried scree from below to fill it.

Driftwood Structure No9, November 2010

A tall dome constructed out of the available driftwood on this stretch
of shore. Located on a bend with views of the Arran mountains to the west
and south towards the open sea and the Ayrshire coast. It was built
over a couple of bright sunny days and I perceived the dark space
inside like a womb. 

Seat No1 - South, Rising Sun - November 2010

A large circle dug into the ground and filled with shale from the beach.
To symbolise purity and in Zen, a symbol of enlightenment. Also in my mind
was the full moon and of course, facing south, the sun.

Stone Sculpture No14, November 2010

A deep circular hole and a stack of stones. Not by
coincidence, my father had recently died and
internment was probably on my mind.

Stone and Mud Sculpture No2, July 2010

A large prominent boulder covered with peaty mud carried down from the loch
on the hill. It looked like oil when it was still wet but dried to a chalky grey skin
which cracked and crumbled and was finally washed away by the tides.

Stone and Sand Sculpture No1, July 2010

I found a place on the shore at low tide with sandy deposits and
covered a couple of boulders with a thin layer. It changed them, made
them appear 'soft' and 'warm'.